segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018


Bill - Can we 1.____________ all that?
Stanley - It's all we got.
Eddie - You kidding me?
Bill - Wait, you have an account here don't you?
Eddie - My mom finds out I bought this stuff for myself I’ll spend the whole weekend in the emergency room getting 2.____________.
Greta - See you later, dad.
Greta’s father - See ya, Greta.
Stanley - You okay?
Beverly - I'm fine, what's wrong with you?
Stanly - None of your business.
Eddie - New kid outside looks like someone 3.____________ him.
Bill - We need some s-s-s- 4.____________ but we don't have enough money.
Beverly - I like your glasses, Mr. Keene. You look just like Clark Kent.
Mr. Keene - I don't know about that.
Beverly - Can I try them on?
Mr. Keene - Sure.
Beverly - What do you think?
Mr. Keene - Well how about that, you look just like Lois Lane.
Beverly - Really? Well, here you go. Shoot, I'm so 5.____________.
Mr. Keene  - It's okay.

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