quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014

Automatic Pilot

- Dr. Rumack, Mr. Hammen ate fish, and Randy said there are five more cases, and they all had 1._________, too.
- And the copilot had fish.
- What did the navigator have?
- He had fish.
- All right. Now we know what we're up against.
- Every passenger on this plane who had fish for 2._________ will become violently ill in the next half-hour.
- Just how serious is it, Doctor?
- Extremely 3._________.
- It starts with a slight fever, dryness of the throat.
- As the virus penetrates the red blood cells, the victim becomes dizzy, begins to experience an itching, a rash.
- From there, the 4._________ goes to work on the central nervous system, causing severe muscle spasms, followed by the inevitable drooling. At this point, the entire digestive 5._________ collapses, accompanied by uncontrollable flatulence, until finally the poor bastard is reduced to a quivering, wasted piece of jelly.
- Turn on automatic pilot.
- Automatic pilot. Automatic pilot.
- There it is!
- I'll go back to the passengers.

Fever = febre
Dryness of the throat = garganta seca
Dizzy = tonto
Itching = comichão 
Rash = erupção cutânea 
Muscle spasms = espasmos musculares
Drooling = ficar babando

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