terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014


- Ready? 
- This is detective Alex Murphy, Officer down! 
- We are on the eve of a 1.___________ revolution. 
- We need to give Americans a figure they can rally behind.  
- Give your mom a kiss. 
- Goodnight, baby.  
- Too slow, boy! 
- We're gonna put a man inside a 2._____________.  
- He suffered 4th degree burns over 80% of his body. If he survives, he'll be paralyzed from the waist down, confined to a wheelchair.  
- You say you can save him, what does that mean? What kind of life will he have? 
- What kind of suit is this? 
- It's not a suit, it's you. 
- What the hell did you do to me? 
- Make him more tactical, make him look, uh, let's go with black. 
- When the machine fights, the 3.___________ releases signals into Alex's brain, making him think he's in control. But he's not. It's the illusion of free will. 
- I've selected 13 targets, all wanted for murder. 
- This is the 4.___________ of American justice. 
- Alex! You need to speak to your son. 
- Somehow he's overriding the system's priorities. 
- The human element will always be present. Compassion, fear, instinct. They will always interfere with the system.  
- Dead or 5.__________, you're coming with me.

Too slow = muito lento
To rally behind = contar com, se apoiar em
From the waist down = da cintura para baixo
Wheelchair = cadeira de rodas
Suit = traje
Target = alvo
Somehow = de alguma maneira
To override = passar por cima

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