quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014


- Miss?
- No. It's not me.
- Yes, it is you. Please go back to your seat.
- Yes, I am with him. I am Mrs. Iglesias.
- No, you are not. You were just out here and you put 1.___________ on. Out.
- But I don't want to.
- Sir, she can have my seat, okay? Everyone should experience 2.___________ class at least once in their lives, and Annie shouldn't miss out just because she can't afford it.
- No, ma'am, I'm afraid that's not allowed.
- Help me, I'm poor.
- No, listen, we're a whole wedding party. I'm the bride. I'm getting married.
- This seat is 3.___________. She's obviously nervous. We'll calm her down and...
- I understand. But Claire is right.
- Everybody, go back to your seats.
- Okay, you especially.
- You have three seconds to get back to your 4.___________.
- You can't get anywhere in three seconds.
- Well, you'd better try.
- You are setting me up for a loss already.
- Thank you.
- Whatever you say, Stove.
- It's Steve.
- "Stove." What kind of name is that?
- That's not a name. My name is Steve.
- Are you an appliance?
- No, I'm a man, and my name is Steve.
- You are a flight 5.___________.
- That's absolutely accurate.
- You can close that.
- Thank you.

Once = uma vez 
Afford = pagar / arcar com
Allowed = permitido
Poor = pobre
Wedding party = festa de casamento
Setting me up  = armando para mim
Stove = forno
Appliance = utensílio
Accurate = correto, exato

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