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Call Center

- We handle nearly 200,000 1._______________________ a day. The hotlines to some of the biggest 2._______________________ in the country.
- Online Sentel. Melanie speaking ... Melanie ... speaking. How can I help? Again, my name is Melanie and have a great day.
- Do you only 3._______________________ women named Melanie?
- It's a trick of the trade. Callers like to 4._______________________ they get the same service rep. This here is the Melanie and John section, and you are over here with the Jennifers and Stephens. 5._______________________ is you.
- What do you mean this is me? I was 6._______________________ I had a supervisor position.
- You gotta spend six 7._______________________ in the trenches before you can interview for a supervisor.
- But I have a PhD. Surely... 
- Look. You want the 8._______________________ or not?
- Yeah.
- Great! Gus here will help get you started. OK, Stephen.
- It's Charlie.
- Sure it is!
- In the File menu do you see where it says 9._______________________?
- Okey dokey-. Can you open the Open menu?
- Okey dokey-. Again, my name is Stephen. Thank you for calling Sentel. Have a great day.
- I actually liked Gus at first sight.
- Welcome to hell, dickhead!
- Maybe not at first sight.
- I'm sorry?
- Hell! People hooked up to machines like slaves. And the smell ... It's pure underarm.
- OK, so what do we do here?
- Sentel Online, Stephen speaking. How may I help you? Okey dokey-, ma'am. Have you checked to see if your PC is on? No, ma'am I'm not a retard. That's simply the protocol … Sorry. Okey dokey-. I'm gonna check that with my supervisor real 10._______________________ and I'm gonna put you on hold.
- You see, Stephen, I'm 65 years old now and my husband is asking me to do it donkey-style...
- OK, ma'am. I'm going to transfer you to our technical department. Please hold...
- Good god... 
- Are you expecting a call?

Vocabulary & Expressions
Handle = lidar com
Nearly = quase
Hotline = linha direta
Trick = truque
Trade = comércio
Rep = representante
Trenches = valas
Surely = certamente
File = arquivo
Actually = na verdade
At First sight = primeira vista
Hook up = conectar
Slaves = escravos
Smell = cheiro
Underarm = axilas
Protocol = protocolo
Put sb on hold = colocar alguém em espera.

Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr.(s) Reader!
I'm teacher Vinicius, How may I help you? 

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